In the mid nineties I started writing music in Eastland TX  with my band Liquid-Tri-Psycle.  In 2000 L.T.P. made Dallas TX their new home.   The fuzz puppet, a DIY side project I created eventually became my main focus after L.T.P. called it quits.  The Beginnings, (a collection of my first recordings) consist mainly of artsy, abstract, lo-fi 4track recordings that I created as a newbie to the multitrack recording world.  Eventually  I obtained school and live sound/studio experience while putting together an album called Fuzz Puppet.  From the Fuzz Puppet album came a short lived band called Sedan in which we played several songs from the album.   I played guitar in the bands Little-Black-Dress and Menkena

while simultaneously creating the album Input Signals.  After a long hiatus of writing music created the album Cloud Machine.  At the moment I’m working up some songs for my first live performance as the fuzz puppet. W5YYC is the name of my newest demo.  The songs on the w5yyc demo are constructed from my grandpas home audio recordings he did in the 1950s on a wire recorder .  Between the wire recordings, slides, 8mm/ super8 reals, and vhs tapes it was easy to see grandpa was always documenting his family.  When I first saw the 8mm home movies I was instantly inspired.  It was more than a collection of home movies to me, it was a collection of art.  I started mixing my grandpas work with my own.  I have been creating  videos, artwork, and the soon to come W5YYC album.

A little Haack Remix for you?